Boston Children's Museum

Business Strategy and Planning

Since celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2013, Boston Children's Museum has welcomed increasing numbers of visitors, opened exciting new exhibits, and hosts highly popular programs in STEM, performing and visual arts, health and wellness, and cultures. The Museum is in the enviable position having established a reputation as a premier children's museum. This reputation has been earned over years by providing exceptional experiences for families and playing a strong role in the community while also running a very smart, inclusive, lean organization.

The Challenge

Boston Children's Museum receives calls from across the United States and around the wrold asking for guidance on everything from exhibit rental and creation, museum expansion and operations, all the way to advice on starting a brand-new museum. Historically these have been responded to on a case by case basis depending largely on staff availability. As inquiries have increased, the question of how to best respond rose to the surface. The possibilities were numerous, ranging from status quo to dedicating staff to establish a consulting business.

The Opportunity

The museum runs a lean organization with appropriate consideration given to every new position added and every new exhibit budget. They would not have survived and thrived as they have without this orientation. Given this outlook, the decision of how best to move forward responsibly in expanding consulting and sales warranted a thorough investigation.

How We Are Helping

Community Barn led a retreat over two days with CEO Carole Charnow and SVP Leslie Swartz to review the consulting requests to date, internal staffing capacity, goals and requirements for a consulting business and marketing approach (all word of mouth!). We then met with additional senior staff, eventually presenting a draft business plan and financial models to support further consideration. 


Business Strategy and Planning