Silver Maple Construction

Financial Modeling, Business Strategy & Planning, People Development

Silver Maple Construction specializes in high-end custom home building and exquisite renovations with a passion for doing things right and an emphasis on seamlessly integrating form and function throughout each project.  With over a decade of experience Silver Maple strives to create spaces that have flawless design, the highest levels of craftsmanship and respect for the project, the customer and the environment. 

The Challenge

Over the past ~12 years, Silver Maple has grown from a few guys and a truck to a multimillion dollar company with three lines of business: residential homebuilding, commercial projects and a woodshop. The internal infrastructure now needs to mature to support the growth and ensure decisions are made with an understanding of project fit, profitability, staff capacity and future potential.

The Opportunity

The majority of Silver Maple employees are highly skilled carpenters who enjoy being outside every day and creating beautiful homes. They do not spend a lot of time thinking about the cost of a project or staff scheduling or servicing of their base of very happy past customers, nor should they. It needs to be done, however and as efficiently as possible. 

How We Are Helping

Community Barn conducted over 25 hours of interviews with Silver Maple employees to understand workflow, standard practices, employee frustrations (phew!) and suggestions (a few more) We surveyed the residential building market to understand the competitive landscape and where Silver Maple was positioned and provided recommendations for improvements. We brought in a financial expert to provide specific and detailed guidance. Based on this we facilitated the hiring of a finance manager. Next we will develop financial models to guide future growth decisions.


Financial Modeling
Business Strategy & Planning
People Development