Business Strategy and Planning

WomenSafe is committed to ending domestic and sexual violence in Addison County. They serve people across the gender spectrum who experience sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. They provide a 24 hour hotline along with crisis intervention, safety planning and emotional support. Their staff of eight provide incredible service to the community, the board is active and committed and the organization has achieved a very strong reputation.

The Challenge

Growing awareness and greater understanding of the issues WomenSafe aims to eliminate are increasing demand. Past success with fundraising has enabled considerable growth in capacity though the provision of service has been more day to day, less long term focused and intentional.

The Opportunity

Both people and dollar resources are tight at this well run non-profit organization. The nature of the work is often immediate and unpredictable. Setting aside precious time to think about next month, next year and beyond can fall off the top of a long list of important priorities. 

How We Are Helping

Community Barn Ventures is proud to have this opportunity to give back to our community by supporting WomenSafe’s leadership in a strategic planning exercise. Over the next year we will be working together to identify and articulate an actionable plan that will help them achieve their mission.


Business Strategy and Planning