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Community Barn Ventures was established to help entrepreneurs and growing businesses succeed, as well as to support the community in which we live and work. We focus our work in four areas: Business Advisory Services, HR and Leadership Support, Economic Development Models, Marketing and Communications

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Business Advisory Services

Community Barn Advisory, offers strategic planning and business development services for entrepreneurs, local makers and creative producers. Our advisory work supports businesses and organizations that are at a critical point of transition. We work to investigate and identify the necessary steps to move from one from one stage to another. 

HR and Leadership Support

As businesses grow, so do responsibilities and pressures. However, sometimes your personnel needs outpace your budget. Our HR Fractional Practice provides organizations with access to seasoned professionals to support leaders as they grow their business.

Talent Aquisition and Recruiting Services

Finding the right people and the right time is difficult in today's market. It takes focus, process and experience. Organizations struggle to find help that they can afford and can truly understand their business needs. We have a proven track record of finding great people for great organizations.

Marketing and Communications

We provide design services, messaging framework development and crisis communication management to help our clients amplify their message in crowded markets.

Community Barn Offerings

As part of our stable of service offerings, we offer project-based fees or monthly retainers to support the following types of engagements:

Business Strategy and Planning

Having a plan is important. Failure is predicted when plans are missing or poorly communicated. We work with organizations large and small to help identify and communicate successful strategies for growing their business, launching a product or determining next steps.

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Financial Modeling

Is it worth it? How is my business doing? Where should I invest? Am I making the right financial decision? These are all questions we hear from our clients and others. Our experience in creating financial models that inform better decisions and uncover unknown opportunities helps our clients reach their goals faster and with greater ease.

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People Development and HR Support

How do we create an environment that is a great place to work, attracting the best talent? How do we inspire discretionary effort from our teams? How do we hire the right people for the right job?  So many times, small businesses can't dedicate the necessary human resources. Through our Fractional HR Program, you can access senior HR leaders for a fraction of a full-time position.

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Making the Pitch - Is it exit time?

Do you need to tell your story? Are you ready to start taking on investors or looking to exit? Making a strong pitch that differentiates your company, product or service is critical. You must tell your story with passion and purpose. But you must be able to back up your promises with data and details. We’ve been through this process and can help you navigate this critical time.

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Process Improvements and Operational Reviews

Do you have a system that isn’t working? Are you organized for success? Are you simply wondering if there is a better way? We help organizations investigate these powerful questions and develop action plans based on quantitative findings.

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Marketing and Social Media Strategy & Support

If no one knows, does it matter? Getting the word out in today’s noisy world is hard. We work with organizations to create a concise framework, consistent voice and broad awareness of their ideas, products or services. We focus on matching the right message with the right audience.

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Connected Commerce | Connected Community

As rural downtowns struggle to maintain strong economic foundations, we believe our main streets must focus more on connected experiences and less on individual transactions. We've created a framework to support community leaders as they take on this work. The Stone Mill Re-Development Project demonstrates our approach to building a connected commerce and a connected community together; one that celebrates where we live, brings people and businesses together under one roof, leveraging shared spaces, shared services, and shared passions. To learn more about this work, visit www.stonemillvt.com. 

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