Why Community Barn?

Welcome to Community Barn Ventures! We don't have a barn full of animals.

We do have a passion for helping others succeed. 

Our advisory work focuses on helping businesses and organizations think through challenges and opportunities and then develop a plan that will deliver real results. Our clients are amazing people, doing amazing things. We enjoy the work, the people, the struggle and the success.

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The Types of Problems We Help Solve 

Strategic Planning

What's the Plan?

Every organization needs a plan, built on data and rooted in passion. We work with organizations to help them formulate their strategy for growth and create a plan for success.

Finance Support and Fractional CFO Services

Numbers Matter.

Effective financial modeling is the foundation for any successful organization. We work with organizations to review and recommend practices and provide insight on areas where growth is possible. For small businesses in need of CFO expertise, we provide access to senior finance specialists.

Marketing Services

Breaking Through the Noise

There's a lot of noise out there. We help organizations find the most effective way to increase awareness of their brand by developing a comprehensive communication and marketing strategy.

Fractional HR Services

People Matter

Our greatest assets are our people. As businesses grow, so does the need for HR support. However, senior HR leaders are hard to find and expensive. We offer organizations the opportunity to have access to an HR team and resources, without having to hire full-time staff. Click here to learn more.

Internal System Reviews

Why are the Trains Late?

Operational efficiency saves money, reduces employee frustration and uncovers new opportunities for growth. We work with organizations to uncover areas where greater efficiency can lead to greater profits.

Recruiting and Talent Search

Help is on the Way!

Sometimes you have a special role that needs to be filled or a critical need to identify talent quickly. We offer a full suite of recruiting services to help you get the right people in place so you can get on with business.

Our Client Spotlights

We're proud of our clients. They're great people, doing great work. Our client's needs are as diverse as their missions.

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Our Community Barn

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